At Pure Podiatry, we want to continuously put our best foot forward and as such we aim to have the ability to offer our clients the very best treatment and services. This involves continuously learning, adapting and keeping up with the latest technology.

We are excited to be introducing the new 3D Gait system to our Inverness and Elgin podiatry clinics – which precisely measures and analyises running motion.

Run3D is truly a state of art gait analysis system which has been designed primarily for injured runners, especially those with re-occurring and/or persistent injuries as a way of analysing exactly how motions of movement could be triggering off these injuries and pain. The system is also suited for application to any individuals with musculoskeletal conditions in general and all sports that require running for participation.

The 3D gait systems are extremely precise and this allows accurate measurement of running style and ability to pinpoint problematic areas. With this insight, you podiatrist clinician can then identify detrimental patterns in your running style. This information can be used to prevent or treat injuries but also improve running performance of ages and abilities.

This analysis system is exclusive to Pure Podiatry within Inverness and Elgin and is one of only 2 systems in the whole of Scotland!

If this sounds like something you want to find out more about – just read on for some more detail on the process!

First Steps

The first step is a consultation to identify which Gait Assessment Package you need. This can be done remotely through the phone or in person at one of the clinics within Inverness or Elgin.

Your initial appointment

Exactly how your initial appointment goes will depend slightly on the assessment package you need and if you have been referred via one of our partners, either way – rest assured we will explain the process step by step and keep you fully informed throughout!

What assessment packages are available?

Run3D Gold

This is the ultimate assessment for treating injuries and improving performance.

The assessment includes a full medical history to discuss musculoskeletal (MSK) issues, as well as your activity and training levels.

This is followed by a detailed Musculoskeletal assessment of strength, flexibility, motor control and stability. Finally, we will complete the 3D gait analysis of you walking and running.

After this, you will receive a detailed report on running gait and musculoskeletal function, identifying biomechanical issues, musculoskeletal deficits and asymmetries. If appropriate we may even recommend a rehabilitation programme to address any issues identified.

You will also receive running technique and performance advice, including a gait retaining trial if appropriate. Where recommended – we may even provide custom orthodontics.

Run3D Silver

This package is designed for referrals that arrive with us from other health care professionals. It assumes your referrer has already carried out a full musculoskeletal examination.

The process is otherwise very similar to the gold package as detailed above and contains the same in-depth report on identifying biomechanical issues, musculoskeletal deficits and asymmetries.

You will also receive a rehabilitation program where appropriate, and gait retraining trial.

Fit to Run

This package is aimed at new and recreational runners who intend to increase their training and to help prevent injuries.

You will get a full report showing the results of your musculoskeletal tests, which will be discussed with you in detail. We will discuss running techniques and advice, along with any further treatment recommendations where appropriate.

Additionally, a rehabilitation programme will be provided to address any issues identified during our reports.

Gait Re-Training

The 3D gait running system allows real-time analysis of your running techniques and movements, because of this, we can provide Gait Retraining.

At Pure podiatry, we will recommend you first undertake either a Gold or Silver assessment and then in real-time we can give prompts and guidance to optimise and review movement patterns.

Interested in hearing more?

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