At Pure Podiatry, we are looking forward to sharing with you the latest news on our rebrand and the new team as well as welcoming back both previous and new patients over the coming months and years!

For those who have attended the clinics previously, you may know that Lindsay and Linda spent the last 40 years building several fantastic clinics in Inverness and Elgin – The McKerrow practice, and creating a relationship with their many service users. Both saw their last patients back on Christmas Eve, 2019 and since then have been enjoying retirement – despite COVID-19 scuppering their plans of sailing more and travelling Europe!

We caught up with them for a few final words and to gauge their thoughts on the exciting news relating to the rebrand of the business!

“We would like to say thank you to all our loyal patients who attended the Inverness and Elgin clinics over the 40 plus years.

We are delighted that the practices will continue in Tim’s capable hands, along with Aisling and Stephane and we wish Tim and the team all the best for the future.
During lockdown we cycled, walked, gardened, baked cakes, built a garden fence and we are still alive to tell the tale!!!

We are looking forward to doing all of the things we had planned, hopefully in the not too distant future and enjoy an active retirement.

Also, a big thank you for all the lovely cards, gifts and best wishes we received on our retirement!”

As we wave goodbye to Lindsay and Linda, we say “Hello” to a new era within the clinic. You can read on to hear more about the new team and our plans here at Pure Podiatry!

New ownership, but a familiar face.

Tim Greenwood may be known to some of the McKerrow Practices former patients, having joined the team back in 2018 after moving up from Cheshire with his family.

Tim is a practising HCPC Podiatrist, graduating from the University of Salford in 2011. He has a extra special interest in Sports Podiatry and Biomechanics and is currently working toward an MSc in Sports Medicine at Queen Mary University, London.

“Lindsay and Linda Mckerrow have done an amazing job in keeping countless feet happy in Inverness and Elgin over the last 40 years, and I am delighted to have opportunity to continue that service to our extremely loyal patients!” – Tim Greenwood, Lead Podiatrist and New Owner of Pure Podiatry

Our Hopes and Aims

At Pure Podiatry, we naturally intend to continue providing the same excellent level of service but with the addition of the latest treatment technology and services.

These treatment options had not been available locally prior to our takeover and would have historically required patients or clients to travel to Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow. We are excited to be a ‘step ahead’ of the game and bringing these revolutionary services to the local area.

Along with Tim, there have been an additional 2 new Podiatrists employed (Asling and Stephane!) and with this in mind, we now have an enhanced appointment availability including evening weekend appointments – perfect for those who are busy Monday-Friday and typically would have struggled to find a suitable appointment.

Previously, a waiting list for appointments was common but our enhanced team and improvement in availability has been received warmly especially during the COVID pandemic as our local NHS services had become unavailable or overwhelmed.

At Pure Podiatry, we hope that in future we can continue to work with flexible hours so that we can optimise the ease of access for clients and potential clients who may otherwise be left with untreated ailments. We hope to continue embracing technology and advancements in podiatry – providing quality care to those in need.

Excellent core podiatry services, as well as new additions!

At Pure Podiatry, we will continue to run our services to the high-standards they have always been.  From more routine foot ailments such as verrucae and callus to more complex and technological treatments – we aim to be the forerunners in podiatry within the Inverness and Elgin area.

3D Gait Analysis:

We have access to the run3D Gait analysis system which allows us to measure exactly how a person is running and to use this information to identify detrimental patterns in their running style.

This information can be used to prevent or treat injuries but also improve running performance of ages and abilities.

You can read more about this invaluable system, here.

Custom Orthotics:

Bespoke prescription orthotics are often part of our treatment plan for all types of lower limb pain from a sports injury or simply from common everyday activity.

We can offer Custom Orthotics what-ever your sport or shoe preference. We are also happy to help patients who have been prescribed orthotics else-where, who seek to review, renew or replace their Custom Orthotics.

We have further information on orhotics, here.

Shockwave Therapy:

Shockwave Therapy is an innovative new treatment used to treat persistent pain in tendons also known as tendinopathies.

Shockwave Treatment is highly effective in treating complaints we commonly come across within the podiatry clinic such as Plantar fasciitis, Achillies Tendiopathy and Patellar tendiopathy.

Routine Podiatry:

We cover a range of more routine podiatry treatments and services – this includes all common foot problems from that painful corn or callus to simply helping our patients who struggle to cut their toe-nails.

If you would like more information on some of our routine care, you can read more here.

Verrucae Treatment:

We offer a state-of-the-art treatment option for Verrucae called SWIFT. It is quick and non-invasive and the most effective treatment currently available for Verrucae.

Nail Surgery:

Nail Surgery is our treatment option for painful in-growing nails.

In most cases, we can treat in-growing nails without nail removal surgery, but for the most persist and recurring nail problems, this is the best treatment option.

There is no waiting time for this procedure – it is quick, taking no more than a 1-hour appointment and we attempt to make it as pain-free as possible. We also provide complete post opp support with regular review appointments included to check in on the healing process.

A Bright Future

As we slowly ease out of the lockdown measures in place by COVID-19, the team at Pure Podatry look forward to providing a warm welcome to our patients, past present and future.

You can contact us via our website here and you can even stay up to date with our latest news and announcements by following us on Facebook!